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The Value of Economic Pluralism: A Talk with Professor John Harvey

The Value of Economic Pluralism: A Talk with Professor John Harvey

April 22, 2015


John T. Harvey has been a Professor of Economics at Texas Christian University since 1987, after earning his Ph.D. in Economics that year from the University of Tennessee. He specializes in international economics (particularly exchange rates), macroeconomics, history of economics, and contemporary schools of thought. Dr. Harvey's work combines analyses rooted in the scholarly traditions of John Maynard Keynes and Thorstein Veblen with that of modern psychology to produce a set of new theories to explain international monetary economics, including not only exchange rates but also world financial crises.


Dr. Harvey has published over thirty refereed publications, edited two volumes, and received a number of teaching awards. In 2010, Dr. Harvey published a book titled Currencies, Capital Flows and Crises (Routledge), which presented a Post-Keynesian explanation of exchange rate determination based on the premise that it is financial capital flows and not international trade that represents the driving force behind currency movements.


Dr. Harvey has previously served as chair of the TCU Department of Economics, as well as Executive Director of the International Confederation of Associations for Pluralism in Economics. He is Co-editor of the World Economic Review and a member of the board of directors of the Association for Evolutionary Economics, as well as the editorial boards of the American Review of Political Economy, the Critique of Political Economy, the Encyclopedia of Political Economy, the Journal of Economics Issues, and the Social Science Journal.


Dr. Harvey currently writes an economics blog for Forbes called Pragmatic Economics, which offers economic commentary in a manner understandable to the general public, and can also be followed on Twitter. He has been married to Melanie Harvey for over twenty-five years and has twin daughters and a dog named Rommel.

Top Secret Science of Esoteric Mysticism Revealed

Top Secret Science of Esoteric Mysticism Revealed

April 20, 2015

Reverend Krall's biography and mission statement from his website:

Reverand Brian Krall, also known by his Shaman Name "Isantis Tao" is a Taoist Shaman, a Tantric Upasaka of Sri Vidya Tantra and the Daksinamurti lineage, A Sorcerer, Metaphysicist, Alchemist, Author, Holistic Healer, Personal Development Specialist, Neuro Linguistic Programmer, Sex Teacher and a Musician. He has been practicing spirituality and studying spiritual science and philosophy for 17 years, and was initiated as a shaman 10 years ago. He teaches an eclectic system of spirituality which pulls from many great sources including Asian, South and Central american, Pacific island, African, and European shamanic traditions. His personal development company True Life Development offers many free resources and paid products and services for your holistic personal development at and will have a purely spiritual division launching next year.

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