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Strange Economic Creatures: Nate Blair, Georgist

November 22, 2014


We discuss the economist Henry George in this episode. I used the phrase "strange economic creatures" while interviewing Dr. Rochon. It seems like a fitting title for this series. Nate, though he had heroically battled food poisoning by bad pupasa the night before, still mustered the strength to talk about ol' Hank. Below are resources assembled and commented upon by Mr. Blair. Enjoy.


The London Jubilee line was constructed at a cost of 3.5 billion GBP, but the public investment, paid for with public tax money increased the value of nearby land by 13 billion GBP.  If the community had captured the social value it created, the public investment would have paid for itself with 9.5 billion GBP left over.


Free Riders on Public Transport


Neither Capitalism Nor Socialism


Reviving the Idea That Urban Land is Common Wealth


Share the land, keep the fruits of labour


Mason Gaffney Reader


Re-solving the Economic Puzzle


Georgism gained popularity as a result of Progress and Poverty: An Inquiry into the Cause of Industrial Depressions and of Increase of Want with Increase of Wealth: The Remedy, 1879. There is a newer modernized and abridged version of P&P (The Drake Version), but if you are motivated, the original is also very good and not hard to read.

Free PDF of the modernized Drake Edition:

Audiobook of the modernized Drake Edition:

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Various ebook formats for the original:

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