Adam Alonzi Podcast

Top Secret Science of Esoteric Mysticism Revealed

April 20, 2015

Reverend Krall's biography and mission statement from his website:

Reverand Brian Krall, also known by his Shaman Name "Isantis Tao" is a Taoist Shaman, a Tantric Upasaka of Sri Vidya Tantra and the Daksinamurti lineage, A Sorcerer, Metaphysicist, Alchemist, Author, Holistic Healer, Personal Development Specialist, Neuro Linguistic Programmer, Sex Teacher and a Musician. He has been practicing spirituality and studying spiritual science and philosophy for 17 years, and was initiated as a shaman 10 years ago. He teaches an eclectic system of spirituality which pulls from many great sources including Asian, South and Central american, Pacific island, African, and European shamanic traditions. His personal development company True Life Development offers many free resources and paid products and services for your holistic personal development at and will have a purely spiritual division launching next year.

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