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Breast Cancer, Bioprinting, and Breast Reconstruction with Laura Bosworth of TeVido

December 24, 2015


Laura Bosworth, CEO and co-founder of TeVido BioDevices, is a dynamic former Fortune 50 executive with 25+ years of cross-functional industry experience. TeVido is a biotech start-up using innovative 3D bioprinting and a woman’s own cells to create tissue engineered solutions for reconstruction after breast cancer. Recent press coverage includes CNBC, CNN, The Economist, Popular Science and many more. The company has received grants from the National Science Foundation, the National Cancer Institute and the LIVESTRONG Foundation. With a B.S. in Engineering from UT El Paso, Bosworth started her career in manufacturing process development for IBM. She quickly moved into management where she led software development and launched a Technical Marketing Center earning a General Manager’s Award for her contributions to sales and customer relationships.

At Dell, she built strategic business partnerships with large companies such as Microsoft, SAP, and Oracle and she led software product marketing delivering significant product feature improvement, highlighted by industry analysts. Ms. Bosworth is recognized for her skill in starting up new business functions and created multiple technical sales support functions including an OEM business unit: enabling over $500M in sales. She launched a professional services business unit and has expertise in customer support services. Using her cross-functional and international experience, she developed corporate wide quality strategies that reduced operating costs by ~$120M. Ms. Bosworth has volunteered for numerous non-profits, primarily supporting women’s needs in the Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) field as well as domestic violence – in Board positions as well as providing direct service.

She volunteers as a Spanish interpreter at a Healthcare Clinic that serves low-income individuals Ms. Bosworth developed curricula, taught and provided mentorship with several applied entrepreneurship programs -including those at Texas State University and UTEP- focused on mentoring aspiring underrepresented and women entrepreneurs to develop their own high-growth companies. She volunteers as a Spanish interpreter at a Healthcare Clinic that serves low-income individuals seeking healthcare access.

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