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Interview with Michael Wheeler

November 26, 2014


An interview with Michael Wheeler. 

In the year 2515, the last of us, the last of humanity... is facing the constant threat of extinction. The only hope... are roaches.

Thus begins the saga of ROACH GUARD. A team of evolved cockroaches protecting humanity in an underground society, from annihilation from Above.




  • NITE is an up-coming urban dark fantasy comic book series.

Carmine DePalo was a made man. He had it all. Money. Women. Access to vast resources. More homes than most Hollywood stars. All due to a dark, deadly secret. He was most prolific and deadly mercenary and assassin in history. Yet, with all his fortune and fame, he had found himself on a lonely road. He came to be an emotionally charged hothead with a death wish. Then he started to hear... voices. Haunting him.


These voices became more and more aggressive and ruined his life, as it was. When he was trying to terminate a mark. When he was in the middle of a meeting with the kingpins of the six boroughs. When he was having an entertaining night with the twins... Just when he was about to take a nose dive off of one of the city's oldest bridges, Evelyn Chianti appeared before him. This is strangely odd, because he killed her five years prior.


Even more odd because she was floating in mid air. She's a fine piece of work, for a dead woman. A nosey investigative reporter, the Capo De Nostra believed she learned too much, was saying too much and needed to be silenced. DePalo executed her. She gave him a proposition that he could not refuse. Carmine DePalo now works for the dead. If he wants to have any chance at a peaceful afterlife, he has to help his victims find theirs. NITE has plenty of work to do.

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