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Looking in the Mirror: Beyond Superficial AI Ethics, A Discussion with Gisele Waters

November 26, 2018

     Gisele Waters, Ph.D. is an innovation psychologist and researcher. To inform the promise and challenge of innovating human and machine integrations such as artificial intelligence and blockchain into healthcare and the life sciences; she draws from a Ph.D. In Education Psychology, M.Ed. in Special Education, a B.A. in Economics and 25 plus years of multidisciplinary success in education, business, and science. Her bandwidth extends to being a multimillion dollar Texas real estate broker and education advisor to startups in healthcare, biotech, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. Much of Gisele's core competencies are fueled by her passion for the cognitive and behavioral sciences and decades of working in between human and digital education contexts as an academic and researcher.

She uses atypical combinations of skills and knowledge across domains and integrates them to create breakthrough analysis of the human and social elements of exponential technology. Her multicultural/multilingual backgrounds also bring much needed perspectives to AI ethics and blockchain in healthcare because most applications have yet to take into account how different populations are intentionally and unintentionally impacted by algorithms, automation and human bias. She is also Research Scholar at and Vice Chair of the Risk Subgroup for IEEE's P7000 Standard which establishes a process model by which engineers and technologists can address ethical consideration throughout the various stages of system initiation, analysis and design.

All her endeavors in both public and private sectors share are a common thread focused on the importance of human behavior and social relationships as they relate to improving innovation capacity. Gisele's latest innovation research is focused on the idea that human behavior and social organizations are at the fulcrum of where ethics and automation can become optimally integrated by design for good, bad or neutral impact. Her diverse skill set addresses the nuances, silences, spaces and intersections of disciplines which make her especially adept at listening to the calls for innovation where many fail to analyze opportunity.


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