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The Foundations of Logic: Sigurd Vojnov and Matthew Craig

February 13, 2015


 Here I speak with the beloved father figure of the Foundations of Logic about paradoxes and his budding organization. From their website


Welcome to the Foundations of Logic!  In its present form, the Foundation is an umbrella over many Facebook groups dedicated to the idea that when you bring a large enough variety of diverse individuals together amazing things can happen!  The Foundation is a kind of loosely organized chaos and we want to keep it that way!  If you're new to the Foundation, we ask that you join the original Foundations of Logic Facebook group --the place where it all began.  The Foundation is alive and constantly changing, so make sure to check the site often for the latest developments.

Founded by Sigurd Vojnov and ran by volunteers, the Foundation is currently divided into groups for socializing and the free universiity which is ran and "taught" by its own students.  Coming soon, we have Siggish Games, collective text-based games and interactive story-telling scenarios like "The Nemo Scenario", "The Oracle of Delphi", and others.

On the "FOUNDATION GROUPS" page you'll find links and descriptions to all of the groups that are a part of the Foundation.  We value socializing, playfulness, learning, diverse opinions, fun, logical argumentation, sharing, and discussion.  Different groups have different rules and focuses, so please read the group's description on the site and on Facebook before posting to that group.  Although the groups' admins are generally very relaxed, unless otherwise stated in the description no groups allow advertising, spamming, hate speech, ad hominem attacks, or pornography.  The admins are in charge of their individual groups and moderate accordingly.

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